Magical Morning Matcha

I used to be a raging coffee addict-- we're talking like 5-6 cups a day here. The caffeine spike that coffee gave me was tough on my energy levels, left me crashing, and upsetting my sleep cycle. My freshman year of college I stumbled upon matcha green tea at a local tea shop in Seattle. This was before matcha was the rage, and I decided to give it a shot after a killer sales pitch by an employee at the tea shop. Fast forward four years and it is my holy grail. I cannot live without this stuff. I like to start my day with this delicious drink that gives me sustained energy, and did I mention the health benefits?! Matcha is ceremonial grade Japanese green tea, aka ground up green tea leaves, filled with antioxidants! 


1 packet of Matcha Green Tea Powder from Trader Joe's (Delicious, easy, affordable--woohoo)

1/2 cup Hot Coconut or Cashew Milk (Unsweetened) 

1/2 cup hot water

1/2tsp Cinnamon

1tsp Chaga Mushroom Powder (Optional)

1/2 Tsp Maca Powder

A Few drops of Liquid Stevia or coconut sugar (optional)

Throw it all in the blender for a few seconds, and pour into your favorite large mug! 

*** For a milkier version, omit water and use all nut milk

**** For an iced version, use cold water/milk and throw in a few ice cubes! Yum! 


Sweet Ginger Spirulina Smoothie

My favorite way to start the day (after a sweat sesh) is a large green smoothie! I do this for a couple of reasons

1. It's easy to digest and sets the tone for a great day

2. You can throw in as many veggies as you want!

3. It is a great way to get in quick protein! 


1-2 cups nut milk of choice -- I love unsweetened coconut or cashew milk

3-4 ice cubes

fresh or frozen ginger

1 Tbsp of Spirulina Powder

large handful of spinach

1/2 banana (or steamed then frozen cauliflower)

1/2 -- 1 scoop vegan vanilla protein (I use Vega One)

*** For additional sweetness, you can throw in more banana or a pinch of stevia! 

Throw it all in the blender and blend on high for a minute or so! Drink up and thank yourself for honoring your body and mind with this delicious, nutritious concauction,