How I Learned To Enjoy "Cardio"

Let's be real, cardio can suck. Like really, really suck. 

Growing up, running was always my punishment for the other sports I played (tennis, volleyball, and softball). We would run if we missed, run if we lost, etc. Running was never something I got to do, but had to do, rather.

My freshman year of college rolled around, and I still  hated running (maybe even more now) because of our conditioning sessions. I had some wonderful friends, however, who talked about how much they loved running and this so-called "runners high".

So I gave in. I told my friend Maddy I'd go for a "fun run" (if that was even a thing).  Maddy and I went for a nice 3-mi jog to a beautiful park, and chatted about life the whole way. I could walk the next day, felt energized after, and decided I'd give fun runs another shot. We kept "fun running" a few times a week for the next three months. 

So what shifted in my love-hate relationship with cardio? My mindset. While I used to view running, cycling, swimming as the enemy or the "worst part" of training, I now view it as something I GET to do. I get to move my body, as quickly or slowly as I please. I get to be outside. I get to enjoy running alone if I need to destress, or with friends and make it a social gathering. Running is whatever I make it. 

So now, I run when I want, put on a great playlist, and enjoy the movement, the celebration of what my body CAN do. I also make sure to avoid insulin before runs (I like going in the morning before breakfast), to keep my BG in range.